CONTEST - Cake and Sugar

We are pleased to organize a cake design contest as part of Cake & sugar Brussels to be held at Brussels expo from 9 to 11 March 2018.

The winner will represent Belgium at “Cake Designers World Championship-FIPGC” in October 2019 in Milan-Italy.

The organizer of this contest is  Conceptum.


Each competitor must complete the participation form here.

The Competitor must be Belgian or be a national of a country where there is no competition ton be a representative at “Cake Designers World Championship” takes place.

The competitor will get free entrance for the fair during the 3 days.

The registration deadline is 26 February 2018 at midnight.

A contribution of 10 euros is asked by transfert on the bank account number: BE17 0682 4769 8621 with the following communication ” CONCOURS CAKE & SUGAR + YOUR NAME AND SURNAME”

Thank you to send the proof of payment and the title of your realization to without this your registration will not be valid. At the reception of this proof we will send you your access for the 3 days at the fair.


Your production will be a piece of minimum 3 tiers (any accessory placed on the top of the cake is not a tier) on the theme “LET’S PARTY” using at least 3 different edibles techniques like royal icing, sugar paste covering, chocolate, butter cream, isomalt, 3d sculpture, modeling, flowers,……
Pay attention that your piece must be done in real edible conditions we only allow the use of dummies for a gain of time, money and to fight against waste. Non edible support except the dummies will be allowed. This dummies must be placed on a board just like for a real cake. You may use a pedestal but this will not be included in the cake measures.

Each production must be the result of the personal work of the registered competitor who must not have received any outside help. Every piece must be an original creation realized for the contest and must not have been promoted or exhibited before. Any piece not satisfying the requirements will be disqualified. Using dummies is allowed in conditions of real cake.

The base must fit in a square of 50cmx50cm, no restriction of high (min 40 cm)


Every pieces must be delivered by the competitor at the fair on Friday 9/03 between 8.00 am and 13.00 pm there will he receive his number for the contest. The organizers reserve the right to move the pieces of competitions if necessary.

Any transport boxes will be allowed on the contest zone after delivery. No storage space will be provided for this purpose.

Every competitor might have one and only assistant for the setting up. When it will be done you will leave the room and wait outside at the front door for the official opening of the fair.

The fair will be open from 15.00 to 20.00 on Friday and from 10.00 to 18.00 on Saturday and Sunday

2 stickers will be given to the competitors at the delivery. One to be put under the board of the piece and one to be well seen by the judges. When it is done the piece must be placed on the table at the number corresponding to your inscription.


Although we care about all security on the fair we decline all responsability in case of loss, dammage on the piece or material or personnal effect.


By your participation and your acceptation of this rule you may understand that people on the fair will get pictures and perhaps copy your works. The or ganization of Cake &Sugar Brussels will not be responsible.


Pictures and videos of competition may be used on the website or on other publications agreed by Cake & Sugar Brussels.


The pieces of the contest must be removed from the end of the contest on sunday 11 march at 18.00 not before.The pieces who will not be taken will be suppressed or destroyed by the organizers.


The pieces will be judged during the fair.Results will be anounced on sunday 11/03 at 16.00 on the fair.

There will be 3 winners

First Price: travel+ 3nights h otelfor one person+ costs(300 euros) for the “Cake Designers World Championship”+ a workshopn with MADL CREATIONS

Second price: A Kenwood machine “Chef XL Titanium” with a value of 749,99 €

Third price: furnitures given by Fancy Cakes & Silikomart

Competitors will be judged on

-creativity/development of new techniques
-compositions,proportions, colours, balanced
-finitions quality
-difficulty level
-respect of the theme
not conforming pieces to the rules will not be judged


– Emma Jayne (to be confirm)
– Cindy Sauvage from MADL Creations
– Mary Presicci
– Antonio Santangelo from “la Cuccina delle Zie”

Awards will be given on sunday 11 march 2018 at 16.00 from first to third place on the scene.