WORKSHOPS - Cake and Sugar

Planning (HUNTING GENT 2017)

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Léon Mignon

Demonstration of weapon engraving, with different styles and techniques. Possibility of engraving on request and for free with  chisel and hammer, the initials on different supports of the visitors (A knife bought on the show for example).

Valkerij Ardanwen

Information on falconry and hunting. What influence do birds of prey have  on hunting. What is hunting legislation on birds of prey. Possibility to take a bird on your hands, possibility to see birds of prey flying. Everything that has to do with falconry and birds of prey in nature.

Belgische Boogjacht Federatie

On our stand we give people the opportunity to shoot some arrows on 3D rubber animals to get along with the feeling of hunting with the bow.

Dog Associations

Dog demonstrations every day at 11am and 3pm at the Demo Area – D34

Flemish government

During the workshops, the age determination is based on images displayed on how to determine the age of a felled animal based on the teeth. During the workshop e-locket hunting (e-loket jacht), the possibilities of online registration for hunters are demonstrated.

Workshops program (every day)

11 am: Age Determination roe
12 am: E-locket hunting
13 pm: Age Determination boar
14 pm: Age Determination roe
15 pm: E-locket hunting
16 pm: Age Determination boar and

Schietsimulator Nederland

Schietsimulator Nederland has currently the most advanced equipment in shooting simulators.
The large assortment of clips includes real hunting situations recorded in nature and projected on a large screen. Caliber and type of ammunition can be entered into the system. Distance and speed is related to the target and is calculated by the shooting simulator, which is unique in the Netherlands. Given that the target moves, it is necessary to shoot in front to hit the target.
The guns are prepared. This offers the possibility to simulate both with a rifle as with lead.